Islamic Socks for Muslims, Wudu, Mas'h, Masah

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The #1 Sock for Muslims Worn by both Men and Women Worldwide!

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Islamic Socks

Water-proof Socks you may make Masah on!

"Allah loves people to make use of His allowances just as He loves them to comply with His commandments."

Islamic Socks - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Is it inconvenient or troublesome to wash your feet during Wudhu?

Or maybe you've heard of leather khuffs, but they're difficult to wear?

Your troubles are over! Select your ideal sock below.

With our socks, you'll experience comfort and convenience like never before. These socks are seamless, thin and waterproof. They wear just like a regular sock and are durable as well. We offer them in three styles and have socks to fit all adult sizes. Take a few minutes to browse our selection and order the sock that is right for you!

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